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Blackthorn Scottish Sea Salt Flakes 1.4kg Box


Astonishing method, exceptional taste

Blackthorn Salt is now available comes in this fantastic eco-friendly 1.4kg box! Filled with the same beautiful Organic and Kosher approved sea salt flakes, just more of it.

Scottish West Coast Seawater is our single ingredient at Blackthorn, every flake is the product of our sustainable Thorn Tower method. Slowly grown and harvested by hand, these natural crystals enhance flavours like no other. The distinctive mineral array has been carefully retained giving characteristics which complement the palate incredibly well. With a nod to each of the 5 basic tastes, each crystal has a completeness that is rarely found: in Blackthorn there is magnesium and potassium which provide bitter and sour notes, calcium for the sweetness, sodium chloride for the salty and even tannins from the Blackthorn branches for that earthy savoury element, giving a hint of umami and an incredibly long-lasting taste sensation.

Blackthorn is often considered to be a finishing salt that will give a beautiful, lasting, moreish and clarity to flavours, but customers also use Blackthorn for sauces, baking, roasting, brining/ dry-brining, curing, salting, fermenting, you name it, there is no prescription. If you are not sure, we recommend starting with small amounts (it does give bigger flavour after all), experimenting and taste testing: let your palate lead you!

This large box is perfect for busy kitchens looking to reduce their plastic waste, for use as a refill or even a thoughtful and generous present for a foodie friend. Because there is no inner-plastic bag or secondary packaging, please remember to open with care so you do not spill your salt.

The packaging alone is

  • 100% plastic-free;
  • Biodegradable;
  • Recyclable;
  • 100% sustainably sourced;
  • Minimal miles - made by a business just 11 miles up the road from us; and
  • filled and constructed on site.

These boxes, like their smaller counterparts, have characteristics which mean the contents have a degree of protection against wetness; please note, they are not designed to be stored in a damp or humid atmosphere.