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101.42 kPa





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For those who value the past but look to the future.

We use centuries of tradition combined with the knowledge of today to create natural sustainable delightful salt crystals for your table.


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What better way to celebrate #scottishfoodanddrinkfortnight - taking the term 'outside catering' to the next level! Here's a peek at what happened when the team from @beetrootandchocolate visited us recently. Experiments in salt-baking, including these beets and Seabass, as well as all sorts of beautifully fresh Scottish produce cooked on their outdoor grill. Naturally, Blackthorn salt was enhancing the flavour every step of the way, but goodness, thank you @beetrootandchocolate for such fun and fantastic feasting. yesterday
We've loved reading this year's Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight case studies including Ayrshire's own @AyrshireFoodHub, another fantastic showcase of Scotland's amazing food and drink producers. We are delighted to be part of such a thriving sector - you can still read our own case study from last year, link in the bio. We were delighted to be included alongside loads of other fantastic foodie enterprises who we also work with, such as the magnificent: @macduffbeef butchers @GaryMacLean @braeheadfood @FallaChan and @Craiggrozier, @thebayfish @amnityFish @thetorridon @ballintaggart @NoBadFoodLab @scotfooddrink 5 days ago
Many who come around the tower kindly comment that it can feel more like an art installation, a huge constantly moving,yet static presence, or a living embodiment of sustainability. To us, it certainly does feel alive. It's always there in the background doing its gentle thing - not breathing, no, but constantly trickling away both day and night. It has its textures, smooth worn, salt-bleached Douglas Fir, beautifully grained Larch, 6 inch long challenging thorns and solid steps, delicate taps. There are also the sounds, on calm days the sea water trickle akin to the constant patter of a warm summer rain or the ferocious blast of the ocean gale, with brine swirling wildly in and across the walkways and everything in between. With low winter suns, shafts of sunlight drift in and across the tall centre, giving it an almost religious or sacred feel, or it can be dark and brooding, ramballiach in the best sense of the word (thank you Rabbie!). Texture, nuance, natural form are all embodied within the tower and serve to guide the water's exposure to the elements of wind, sun and thorns. Credit @the_bronxpapers 7 days ago