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Current Evaporation Conditions




103.02 kPa





Relative Humidity



NE 1.7 km/h



For those who value the past but look to the future.

We use centuries of tradition combined with the knowledge of today to create natural sustainable delightful salt crystals for your table.


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Historically, salt has held universal appeal in cultures across the ages, whether being worshipped by the ancient Greeks, providing fiscal security for the Roman empire, brokering deals, sealing weddings and funerals for others or simply bringing good luck to Robert Burns in his new home. Biologically too it is vital, literally without salt we humans cannot live. Even today, in the culinary world, salt is recognised as the most transformative ingredient of all time. Yet, the phrase "less is more" holds true: used cleverly, a humble pinch or sprinkle of really good salt, unrefined and mineral-rich, at the right moment can truly transform a dish. With Blackthorn there is an initial saline tang on the palate to alert the tastebuds before a deeper, intense celebration of the other flavours shines through, enhanced and spread out. In fact, from cocktails to canapés, the main dish through to desserts and even coffee, a discrete touch of great salt can take the edge off a bitterness or add to the moreishness of umami - it can even highlight the sweetness of sweets. 1 month ago
...And in other news... thank you to @belperbarlow @emma_oneill89 and to today’s papers, (sorry couldn’t get hold of them all!) we were completely overwhelmed🙏 1 month ago
Salter Malky came in today to check the Thorn Tower taps to find shattered glass... super sad and pointless. Not quite the first big day out from home that we’d envisaged for the children, but everyone got stuck in, cleared up, watched the sea and the tower doing its thing, trickling away and put the damage into perspective. The wee Blackthorn carriage has seen x2 world wars, a global pandemic - it will surely see out the odd rock thrown through its windows and, we hope, enter our second #blackthorn year all sparkling and new, much as it did the first... #hope #brightside #why? #pointless #familybusiness 1 month ago