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Current Evaporation Conditions




102.18 kPa





Relative Humidity



S 3.1 km/h



For those who value the past but look to the future.

We use centuries of tradition combined with the knowledge of today to create natural sustainable delightful salt crystals for your table.


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January is being a bit bleak, we have been reading, surprisingly enough, about salt, and its hidden powers, again... Salt has longevity unlike almost anything else on the planet: it is immutable - even when dissolved, crystals can be reformed and its characteristics led to its symbolism amongst different social groups. Loyalty and friendship could be sealed with salt: Indian troops pledged their loyalty to the British with salt - ironic, given Gandhi's fantastic Salt March in 1930 (another time!). It symbolised sanctity and permanence, 'a covenant of salt' was used to seal the eternal pledge between God and the Israelites, and is still part of the Sabbath traditions to this day. 'Sal Sapentia' or the Salt of Wisdom is used by the Catholic faith - an instrument of grace to preserve one from the corruption of evil occurring as sin, sickness, demonic influence. The Prophet Mohammed said that a person who takes salt before and after meals act is protected from 70 types of diseases (curses), among which leprosy is the minor one. Islam made this calling because of the benefits of salt to the physiology and the human energy system... Pretty handy and powerful, not to be underestimated or taken for granted in our humble opinion. 📸 : @stillmotionarts @sonndacattoNutrition Dish made by: @thewoodenthustiast 17 hours ago
Totally Fun Day for Friday @blackthornsalt yesterday- @chefdeanbanks and Ross came to have a wee look around and find out what we are up to here. We had a great tour, billions of questions and ideas, but they then miraculously produced the most amazing treats all in the carriage with just a wood burner to help. Lobster. Steak. Salt... and there was gin. So, so tasty and so grateful, thank you Dean. @haarhome and @lunungin 3 days ago
There's something unbelievably more-ish when savoury and sweet meet on the palate. This one was a wonderful one-pot-smile winner: sweet, roasted root veggies, made to shine and shout their brilliance with a good sprinkling of Blackthorn, and then topped with sweet-salty caramelised walnuts... The only problem is there just never seems to be enough. 4 days ago