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Current Evaporation Conditions




103.02 kPa





Relative Humidity



NE 1.7 km/h



For those who value the past but look to the future.

We use centuries of tradition combined with the knowledge of today to create natural sustainable delightful salt crystals for your table.


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The rugged native blackthorn is spindly, spiky and quite special: despite appearances, our approach to salt-making is not a gimmick or 'game of thorns', but a respectful embodiment of a centuries-old innovation which impressively pitches nature's powers together with wind, sun and thorns working together to dry off seawater. 2 days ago
Salt is part of our Master Salter and founder, Gregorie's soul. With his family rooted in salt since the 1800s, it truly is what makes him tick. It was his drive and unwavering determination to discover a salt that paid heed to our heritage, but would be worthy tomorrow's world that led to his investigation of the old ways of salt making. His curiosity was rewarded when he journeyed across Europe to visit graduation towers and witness just how mind blowing, effective, yet sustainable they really are. But would they work with sea water instead of rock brine? Inspired and sleepless, it was another 12 years before he was satisfied and started to build of our very own Blackthorn Tower here on the West Coast. The first of its kind in the UK, and the first to use seawater, in the world, ever. Gregorie's expertise and vision in all things salt is unparallelled, and Blackthorn Salt is the triumph of his fascinating odyssey. 6 days ago
It goes without saying that salt means a lot to us, but in fact, historically salt was so important that it was used as a form of payment. In Roman times, soldiers were given their wages in salt, and those who were 'not worth their salt' were regarded as being of poor value for money. Thus, the Latin word 'salarium' is where we get the English word 'salary'. 8 days ago