Blackthorn Salt Scottish Sea Salt

Pass The Salt

In the spirit of Co-vid 19 re-jig, we have sent out 19 boxes of our very first batch to people who were meant to come and visit pre-launch or expressed a particular interest in what we have been doing. With their Box, we added the ability to pass on some boxes of Blackthorn Salt for free to friends, who, in turn would also have some free Blackthorn tickets to pass on and so on. We are interested to see where our wee boxes end up, but there are no catches or strings attached other than the hope that this batch of Blackthorn Salt will brighten peoples’ days and encourage some smiles amongst friends and fun cooking stories during this strange time.

Claim Your Box

If you have received one of our codes, simply enter your details below and we will post you a box as soon as we can.

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