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Tower Tour, Chapter 2

The @gleneaglestownhouse is throwing open its glorious doors and bringing more exceptional foodie excitement to Edinburgh and Scotland. Jonny has been phenomenal in his insistence on sourcing the most awesome ingredients possible to make sure his dishes are everything he wants them to be and we are thrilled that Blackthorn is one of the first suppliers for @thespence_edinburgh (the Club’s stunning restaurant). We had such fun when the Gleneagles team came down to shoot these images and the wee film – being relaxed on camera is so hard, but when you are surrounded by enthusiastic folk who are genuinely interested in what you do, you forget. (And then look back afterwards and cringe!!). Thank you so much to @wrightyjonny and the team for this lovely snapshot and wishing you all the very best with the opening - it will be incredible. We know because we were honoured to be allowed a sneaky peek at lunch last week! Amazing on so many levels - the food, the staff, the atmosphere, the decor, just everything was such a treat. @thegleneagleshotel
Both Allan Dorans and John Scott kindly came down to see what we have been up to on the Ayr coast and listened to us talking salt. The tower worked its magic and just about increased in salty concentration as we talked... Thank you so much for coming, listening to us garble on about salt, past, present and future and supporting Scottish produce!
Saturday 18th of May witnessed our Why Blackthorn: Look, Learn and Taste Day. Fortunately, the sun shone (in fact perhaps a little too much as we all had a touch of the rouge that week) as around 350 kind and interested souls joined us for a look into and up the Tower, Talks and Tastings. On hand, we had just the 4 of us - Gregorie, Whirly, Malky and Hayley as well as our entourage of 4 small helpers. It was great fun and, we hope, informative for those who kindly gave up some of their Saturday. We loved having you. There was no entry fee, just a discretionary donation, raising just under £500 for the brilliant @trusselltrust South Ayrshire Food Bank and the @eden_aiding_refugees Ukraine Appeal which is still supplying much-needed equipment and returning with refugees. Our sincerest thank you to all who came and to our wee team, such a happy day. Thank you also to @vmck_visuals for some of these images and to @weekneaddesserts who tirelessly backed beautiful desserts, some incorporating Blackthorn so imaginatively and @bullishcoffeecompany for supplying much-needed and delicious refreshments.
We always highly enjoy and welcome new people to tour our tower and enjoy the past, present and future of Blackthorn Salt together. Although sadly we cannot accommodate everyone individually if you would like a tour, please leave your details and interest and we will ensure that you are invited to our next tower open day. By arrangement, we welcome trade, media, or educational visits.