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The Perfect Gift!

Did you know that a GIFT OF SALT was widely accepted to bestow good fortune, health and protection in many cultures across the globe? We aren't brilliant at plugging, so apologies, but here are some hopefully helpful giftie suggestions - just in case you hadn't thought of them already!!
Our handsome, plastic-free wee boxes make a lovely, unusual and yet practical present for pretty much anyone - foodies and non-foodies, old and young(ish!), men and women, for those with eco interests, Scottish interests, traditional interests, architectural interests. Simply to say ‘thank you’ – perhaps ‘for having us’ or ‘for teaching my child’ - as an easy, but a thoughtful contribution to a meal, or including in a stylish hamper or even a stocking... you name it! Beyond all these unabashed (well, actually slightly abashed) thoughts, Blackthorn is actually a uniquely great salt on so many levels – Great Taste Award judges who tried it completely anonymously said so and gave us a whopping 2 stars!