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The Next Steps

And so we are out, slowly emerging from our enforced hibernation into a brave new world of restrictions and distances. Here at Blackthorn HQ, we are fortunate that the distancing does not present too much of a problem as a lot of what we do is out doors, in large spaces and involves minimum interaction with people. lottie.jpgWe are really excited to be starting the next steps and trying to show the world what we can do. Salter Malky has been working hard for the last few weeks, making the most of the amazing weather and the tower has been working its magic, trickling away in its mesmerising fashion day after day after day.
In the pan house, we have been busy too, refining out techniques to ensure that we aren't wasting any energy and constantly checking the crystal conditions and emergence.
We have not regretted our slightly insane decision to launch during the depths of lockdown: it was a lot of work, highly complicated by the restrictions, but we are so proud of how it went. The Pass The Salt initiative is just about drawing to a close, but has had such a great response and we are so glad that so many of you were able to enjoy a free box of Blackthorn Salt, whilst helping us support our chosen co-vid/food related charities through the Support Salt Campaign - that first batch really flew out of the door, in a way we hadn't envisaged. Thank you. Each of the Charities has been working incredibly hard throughout and were humbling in their grateful responses to our donations. If only we could work out how to provide on-going support.
For the moment, though, we have to tighten our belts and get cracking. We are looking to supply food service and distributors shortly and have been so grateful and thrilled by the feed back that our precious very first month's customers have given us.
Thank you all so much, we will continue to work even harder, now we are out a bit more to ensure that we can provide you with the very best salt we can, from the clear waters of the West Coast of Scotland and made with the most sustainable methods we can. Take care,
The Blackthorn Team