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Masterchefs of GB

Masterchefs of Great Britain kindly included Blackthorn in a couple of events recently. Culinary students are brought together to watch and learn from some of the most renowned and respected chefs using some of Scotland’s most glorious produce.

These events give us the chance to learn from the Masters. This one, held at Prestonfield House in Edinburgh, welcomed Chefs Steven Dougherty and Derek Johnstone, Jeff Bland and Richard Dalgleish and then Graeme Cheevers - I lost count of the Michelin star wonders that they all have between them! Yet many of the tips they shared were (seemingly) simple and doable- eg always remove the wishbone from a game bird before cooking; sit it upright on its bottom rather than laying flat like you would a chicken; the meat for as long as you cook it… few wee nuggets that we will now be putting into action. But their dishes looked and smelled out of this world, just stunning!

Having the opportunity to see them working with Blackthorn and hearing their thoughts is so exciting for us- here is a snippet, thank you Chef Jeff!!

It is a real privilege to attend these events - the educational ethos of MCGB is something that we value and try to support as much as we can. Playing a wee part in a campaign that promotes healthy eating, using fresh produce and education can only be a great thing and being able to meet students face to face is fantastic.

Thank you to George and Serena McIvor and the team at Masterchefs of GB, Ernie from Mark Murphy for the gorgeous strawberries and to the guys at Harvey and Brockless for their exceptional cheeses and cured meats - so yum!
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