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Community / Charity Salt

Free and we will donate: Community / Charity Salt

The final stage of our re-jig is to release the rest of this first batch of Blackthorn Salt for sale at the cost of the postage alone. The premise is still that we are not looking for profit, nor even to cover our losses, in fact, we decided that for every box we sell for the cost of postage, we will donate the retail cost of the salt directly to the following food and co-vid related charities:

So, there you have it, the Blackthorn Co-Vid Re-jig – it makes little to no business sense, but feels right.

Please take it as it is, there is no catch: we have not been able to do much other than sit tight during this pandemic, but finally we are ready and able to do a little, with the hope that Blackthorn can raise a smile and contribute a wee bit to some of the incredible and brave things that have been going on out there.

Take care, I sincerely hope, if some lands on your doorstep that you enjoy Blackthorn Salt,


Master Salter