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Blackthorn: A Day Out to the Fair

We were honoured to be included with a select few visionary sustainable Ayrshire producers. HRH The Duke and Duchess of Rothesay, Prince Charles and Camilla were kind enough for ask for and try Blackthorn, taking their time with us and approving of what we are trying to achieve with respect to quality, flavour, and ethos: an organically approved, mineral rich sea salt using wind and thorns to evaporate 90% of the water from every seawater batch. It was inspiring to meet and witness the impressive @corriemainsfreerange, @caldwellsveg and Thank you to @ayrshirefoodan @howard.wilkinson2 for including us.
The Duke of Rothesay, HRH Prince Charles was intrigued by the thorn tower and immediately empathised re blackthorn handling, striking cords with sustainable evaporation techniques, hedge planting. Working with an environmental consciousness doesn’t need to impact quality, in fact often can improve it. Making the best salt we can in the best way we can. Thank you again to @clarencehouse; @ayrshirefoodan @howard.wilkinson2 and William Stafford (Deputy Lord Lieutenant) for taking these lovely shots. Proud and Humbled to be chosen alongside some really inspirational fellow producers @caldwellsveg @robertmackieofscotland @corriemainsfreerange
We enjoyed a wonderful foodie day @scotmaritime with @ayrshirefoodan - so grateful to both. It was super busy, we even roped in R - thankfully he has ‘Tower Knowledge’ and all things blackthorn ingrained! The wee working model also enjoyed its outing. Looking forward to more of these after all this time, it’s just lovely to be face to face with folk again. Yes, that’s the watermelon again, we ran out of tomatoes for tastings!!
Seems so long ago now, but we were delighted to be out and meeting folk at our first ever trade show @specialityfair 2021 in the sustainable section. There was an amazing mix of stands, a real eye opener! Thank you everyone who has shown such interest and appreciation of blackthorn tastings and us with a bonkers working scale model of a thorn tower…!