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A Healthy Love for Salt

The subject of salt can be contentious: most of us have come across a WHO or government campaign at some time or other that vents about the vices of salt. Too much salt quite rightly has a bad reputation and can have awful consequences. What is less talked about (and, yes, we know, somewhat predictable coming from a salt-making bunch!) is that, paradoxically, too little salt in our bodies will kill us. People need salt to survive – although this doesn't mean handfuls of it in a loaf or hidden in each bowlful of soup, cereal, or pudding. We are working hard with Food and Drink Federation Scotland, perhaps ironically, to try and encourage the reduction of salt in people's diets. A considered use of a salt-that-works and excels in its job is a recognisably better course of action. For us, this means a more complex salt composed of all sorts of other elements as well as sodium chloride. The characteristics are deeper and transformative. Not only can it enhance mouthfuls and flavours more effectively and excitingly, but also less salt is needed for it to work well which is crucial. Ultimately, common sense and a whopping dose of gumption or 'nouse' as my Granny would say, will generally serve well to make sure we don't overdo it. As with so many other things in life, we have discovered using salt to make the most of your ingredients does not need to be binary.
There's regular table salt...NaCl… And then there's Blackthorn... With its mineral-rich deviations from pure sodium chloride, Blackthorn Salt is renowned for its beautiful tangy, mellow, sweet, moreish mineral-rich crystals. Each one highlights the best flavours within your dishes, spreading them out for exploration and giving a more intense taste experience.