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2021: hope and light on its way?

Blackthorn Salt blogs have been mute for a while, but no question we have been busy behind the scenes. Juggling, along with the rest of the world, we have been trying our utmost to look after sanity at home whilst knuckling down and focusing on making the best salt we can.

So we were hugely proud when Vicky Allan was kind enough to write in depth about our history, methods and the characteristics of Blackthorn Salt in The Herald early in the year - please have a look here and we were also listed in the @bbcgoodfood magazine in January as well as being identified by The Food People as one of the top 20 innovations of 2020 and, most recently, we are completely delighted to announce that Blackthorn Salt is certified with Organic Approval (being a mineral, salt can not be 'organic' itself, so this is the equivalent).

It has proved to be the most bizarre and unorthodox launch year, we have learnt lots, evolved and reacted accordingly, but we are looking forward very much to shrugging off the shackles of co-vid, physical and mental. We can't wait to meet more of you, whether it be at a trade show, a shop, over a meal, coffee, or zoom and instagram - the path is everchanging.

In the meantime, our sincere thanks to everyone for their support and belief in Blackthorn over the last year and it is our hope you are as delighted by the taste and quality of this unique mineral-rich salt as we are!
Take care,

Gregorie and Whirly

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